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Monday, 24 May 2010

Let me recap.....

Christ I need to update this more often!!
South Korea is the second destination in Northern Asia for us, have spent the last 12 days in Japan, bit whistle-stop admittedly considering most of the other travellers we encountered were giving the land of the rising sun at least a month(or six for one canadian guy we bumped into)....yep we gave it 12 days(sorry Japan, you were just toooooo damn expensive!)our budget is slim, 20 english pounds a day slim, and anyone who knows Japan knows 20quid buys you pretty much sweet F.A..

Tokyo was our first stop, and the JGH hostel, great little hostel/shack located in the northern suburb of Nishi Kawaguchi. This interesting mash of bamboo, melamine and concrete was our first 'home'. Toshi, the owner, speaks some English (which not many Japanese warned) and extended us a very friendly welcome; we're appreciative through the blur of jet lag and backpack weariness. Transport is where most of your cash will go in Tokyo, we found this getting to and fro our budget hostel, it's definitely worth staying closer to the centre and having the option of walking between sights.

Tokyo didnt get close to the sensual effect we experienced in India earlier this year, that country being akin to a bash-hammer on every level. Tokyo is perhaps too similar to home with relation to the lifestyle, hygiene etc, but the people are surprising in quieter ways. Those we have encountered are very polite, reserved but above all really affable and interested. You get a sense of quiet restrain running through life here. There are extremes sure, the Harajuku girls for one example.

Fashion seems to be a way of channeling, Tokyo fashion, (suburbs of Shinjuba and Harajuku for the crazy shit) is incredible...innate for most we saw, loads of tiny skirts and knee high socks as you might expect if you watch any anime, blazers, biker boots, they mix it HATS, they love hats, boaters must be big this season coz all the boys and girls had them on....the girls all wear their hair in the top knot with big fringe..ace..

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