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Monday, 16 August 2010

The mountain.

Doh! Blame premature senility, final word in China.....

Prior to quitting China for India, we spent three glorious weeks in the far western province of Sichuan. We were already parked up there early July in it's capital Chengdu to prepare for Tibet. When it eventually sunk in that Tibet was not to be, we were miserable as canned ham.
However Sichuan was the perfect place to be at this temporary block.

You can think of this province as the closest you'll get to Tibet without the political strife.
Sichuan borders the plateau on it's western flank. It has the culture, the panoramas and the days where you'll experience all four seasons in one 24 hour period. It's a jewel of a province.
If you're looking for adventure, amazing sights, landscapes to blow your mind, a place to chill, excellent partying, the spiciest hotpots in the country.....I would seriously recommend some time here. With this in mind, we went up a mountain.

Mt Emei Shan - Mist-wreathed Buddhist peak, home to a large community of monks, nuns and criminally minded Macaque's. We spent a week; some of the high and low-lights..

Day One
The premier backpacker haunt in Baoguo. The legend of Peasant Andy. Mosquito trauma.

Day two
Early start, bus, vomit, boiled egg, an elite tour group, up to the summit on an egg, no room at the inn, back to the start, eaves, pot noodles, pissing in a bottle. Am I sleeping yet?

Day Three
LEGS!! Monkey fear, a corn and an egg, here cometh the dutch, are we there yet? bad onions, a drenching, Spanish philosophy, monkey's in the mist, the love shack.

Day Four
Leg mutiny, safety in numbers, breakfast is for wimps, the long march, where the bloody hell is it? End in sight. Ahhhh beer....

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